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Meet our team

Tobias loan sweden


Lead Financial Guide

Tobias brings much experience from his time at one of Sweden’s largest banking institutions. He’s not just our lead financial guide; he’s also an avid traveler who understands the challenges expats face.

He combines his financial expertise with a deep understanding of Swedish culture to provide you with comprehensive insights, whether navigating the loan market or settling into your new home in Sweden.


Relocation Expert

Sofia is our Relocation Expert, who brings first-hand experience in moving to Sweden from abroad. She moved to Sweden over a decade ago and navigated the complexities of relocation herself.

She can guide housing, local registration, school systems, and the intricacies of Swedish customs. Her empathy and understanding make her an invaluable asset for those looking to make Sweden their new home.


Lifestyle Coordinator

As our Lifestyle Coordinator, Erik is the go-to resource for all things related to living and thriving in Sweden. He was born and raised in Stockholm and knows the city like the back of his hand.

With a background in hospitality, Erik can guide you through everything from the best local cuisine to public transport. His insider knowledge complements our financial advice to help you embrace the full Swedish experience.