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Get Multiple Car Loan Offers in Sweden

  1. Apply here
  2. Select the amount you need
  3. Pick yout term length
  4. Answer the required questions
  5. Fill out your personal information
  6. Request loan offers

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Loan example: Annuity loan SEK 5,000 in 1 year (12 installments). Nominal interest rate: 5.91%. Eff. interest: 29.12% per 2021-01-29. A total of SEK 5,655 to pay. Monthly cost: SEK 430.

Owning the latest model car is a dream come true. However, there is a big difference between reality and dreams. Many people do not have the money to purchase a car outright, which can prevent tuhem from being mobile and independent. Thankfully, they do not have to worry as we at have found the best solution for them. 

We can assist people in purchasing their dream car. We have collaborated with some of the best lenders to offer you a car loan in Sweden regardless of your credit score.

So, if you are actively seeking a car, now is the best time to find the right lender. We work with lenders who offer flexible conditions and attractive interest rates so you can choose a lender who meets your expectations.

Other Loan Options:

Enjoy Exceptional Car Loan Deals

We realize that some people want to buy new cars while others are in the market for used cars.  You can depend on us to get a personalized deal. The lenders listed here provide attractive interest rates, and you will also be able to get the following benefits:

  • Quick approval of the car loan
  • No hidden fees
  • Clear and easy repayment terms
  • No additional fees or penalties if you decide to repay the loan early

How Does the Car Loan Process Work?

Applying for a car loan in Sweden is not that complicated. Just click on one of the lenders, and you will be able to check out the terms and conditions. All lenders have a few eligibility criteria, and they are as follows:

  • You should have a steady monthly income
  • The car should be registered in Sweden
  • You should purchase the car from an authorized car dealer

Ensure you have your Swedish identification card available when filling out the online application. It is prudent to remember that you will be able to apply 80 to 85% of the amount, and the remaining will be out of your pocket. The more you invest, the more attractive will be the interest rates. 

The approval process will start when you fill out the online application. The lender will carry out a credit check, but you need not worry about it. It will be a quick process. 

Types of Car Loans in Sweden

A car loan is a secure loan where your car works as collateral. So, make sure you use the online calculator that we have on our site to calculate the amount you can afford.

That will enable you to decide the amount you should borrow, which will affect the make and model you purchase. 

You can apply for a conventional car loan or go in for a personal loan. You will not use your car as collateral when you apply for a personal loan.

This can be reassuring for some people, especially if they fall behind in repayments and are worried about their vehicle getting repossessed. 

Another option that lenders give you is private leasing, though it can be too expensive. 

The Bottom Line

At, we found a wide variety of loans in Sweden, and we offer you different car options. If you are looking for a car loan in Sweden, we will have the right loan plan for you. 

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