Furniture Stores in Sweden: A Guide for Expats & Residents


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Moving to a new country comes with its unique set of challenges, and for expats in Sweden, one of the most immediate tasks is setting up a comfortable living space. Furnishing your new home is not just about finding pieces that fit your style and budget; it’s also about navigating a new retail landscape, often in a language you may not fully understand. This is where the challenge intensifies for many expats and foreign residents in Sweden.

Sweden offers a diverse range of furniture shopping experiences, from world-renowned brands to local boutiques, each providing an array of styles and designs that reflect the rich Swedish design heritage.

We’ll explore the major furniture stores in Sweden, focusing on those that offer services in English or are particularly friendly to non-Swedish speakers. From the global giant IKEA to local Swedish brands and online shopping options, we’ll guide you through your options, ensuring you find the right furniture and shopping experience.


  • IKEA offers a familiar, English-friendly furniture shopping experience in Sweden.
  • Mio and EM Möbler blend local design with accessibility for expats.
  • Online stores like,, and provide convenient, varied options.
  • Niche stores offer unique, custom furniture with personalized service.
  • Second-hand and sustainable options reflect Sweden’s eco-conscious culture.
  • Understanding delivery, return policies, and assembly services simplifies furniture shopping.
  • Tools and assistance are available to overcome language barriers.

Major Furniture Stores in Sweden

Sweden is renowned for its minimalist, functional, and stylish design, qualities that are prominently reflected in its furniture stores. As an expat or foreign resident, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Here, we’ll introduce you to some of the major furniture stores in Sweden, focusing on those that are expat-friendly with English language services or easy-to-navigate options for those who might not be fluent in Swedish.

IKEA: The Global Giant

IKEA is synonymous with modern, affordable furniture and is a household name worldwide. In Sweden, its birthplace, IKEA’s presence is dominant, offering an extensive range of products suitable for every room.

Most IKEA stores in Sweden have English-speaking staff, and their website is also available in English, making it a convenient choice for expats.

Mio: Swedish Design and Comfort

Mio is a popular Swedish furniture store known for its focus on design and comfort. Their collection ranges from classic to contemporary, ensuring there’s something to suit all tastes.

While Mio’s website is primarily in Swedish, many stores have English-speaking staff to assist non-Swedish speakers.

EM Möbler: Quality and Variety

EM Möbler offers a wide range of furniture, from traditional Swedish designs to more modern pieces. Their quality is notable, and they cater to a range of budgetary needs.

EM Möbler’s staff are often equipped to assist in English, though their online presence is mainly in Swedish.

Online Shopping for Furniture in Sweden

furniture stores in sweden

In today’s digital age, online shopping has become a lifeline, especially for expats who might find it challenging to navigate physical stores due to language barriers. Sweden’s online furniture market is vibrant, offering a multitude of options that cater to various styles and budgets. Here, we’ll explore some of the top online furniture retailers in Sweden, highlighting their unique offerings and how they cater to English-speaking customers.

RetailerStyle FocusEnglish Language SupportKey Feature
RoyalDesign.seUpscale, ElegantWebsite in EnglishInternational designs
Trademax.seBudget-FriendlyBasic English NavigationAffordable styles
Furniturebox.seModern, StylishEnglish Customer SupportContemporary selections Elegant Choices is known for its upscale, elegant furniture, offering items that can add a touch of sophistication to any home. Their range includes both international and Scandinavian designs.

Their website is available in English, making it easy for expats to browse and shop. Additionally, customer service in English is typically available, providing further assistance for queries or concerns. Budget-Friendly Options is the go-to online store for budget-friendly furniture in Sweden. They offer a wide variety of furniture styles, ensuring affordability does not compromise on style or quality.

While the primary language of the website is Swedish, navigation is straightforward, and using online translation tools can help bridge any language gaps. Modern and Stylish Selections is celebrated for its modern and stylish furniture collections, perfect for those looking to add a contemporary flair to their living spaces.

The website is mainly in Swedish, but the layout is user-friendly, and customer support is accommodating to English-speaking customers.

Niche and Specialty Furniture Stores

While mainstream stores offer convenience and a wide range of options, there’s a certain charm in exploring niche and specialty furniture stores, especially for those seeking something unique or tailored to their specific tastes. In Sweden, a number of such stores cater to diverse preferences, offering everything from bespoke designs to ethnic and international styles.

Boutique Stores for Custom and Unique Pieces

Boutique furniture stores in Sweden are ideal for those looking for one-of-a-kind pieces. These stores often feature custom designs, handcrafted furniture, and unique artistic pieces that can become the centerpiece of any room.

While these stores may be smaller and less likely to have comprehensive English websites, many offer personalized service with English-speaking staff who can assist in guiding you through their collections.

Ethnic and International Furniture Outlets

For expats looking to infuse a touch of their homeland into their Swedish residence, ethnic and international furniture outlets are a treasure trove. These stores specialize in furniture from different parts of the world, offering a diverse range of styles and designs.

These outlets often cater to a diverse clientele and are accustomed to assisting non-Swedish speakers, making them an accessible option for expats.

Artisanal and Handcrafted Furniture

Several stores in Sweden specialize in artisanal furniture, where the focus is on craftsmanship and quality. These pieces are often handmade, using traditional techniques and high-quality materials.

In these stores, you might have the opportunity to meet the artisans themselves, discuss custom pieces, and learn about the furniture-making process. Language barriers are usually minimal, as many artisans are used to dealing with an international clientele.

Second-Hand and Sustainable Options

In Sweden, sustainability is not just a trend but a way of life, deeply ingrained in the culture. This ethos extends to furniture shopping as well, with a strong emphasis on second-hand and eco-friendly options. For expats and foreign residents, exploring these sustainable choices can be both an environmentally conscious decision and a way to discover unique, vintage pieces.

Second-Hand Furniture Stores: Vintage Charm and Eco-Friendly Choices

Opting for second-hand furniture not only supports sustainability but also offers the chance to find unique, vintage pieces that add character to your home.

In Sweden, there are numerous second-hand stores, ranging from small, local shops to larger chains. These stores often feature a diverse array of furniture, from classic to modern styles, catering to various tastes.

Online Platforms for Pre-loved Furniture

Sweden’s largest online marketplace,, is an excellent resource for finding second-hand furniture. The website is extensive and often used by Swedes to sell and buy pre-loved items.

While is primarily in Swedish, its user-friendly interface makes it relatively easy to navigate with the help of translation tools.

ReTuna: The World’s First Recycling Mall

ReTuna, located in Eskilstuna, is a unique shopping experience. It is the world’s first recycling mall, where all products sold are recycled or upcycled, including furniture.

The mall is not only a haven for sustainable shopping but also caters to an international audience, with many of the staff and store owners able to communicate in English.

Practical Shopping Tips

For expats and foreign residents in Sweden, understanding the nuances of furniture shopping can greatly enhance the experience, making it more efficient and less stressful. Below are some practical tips that cover various aspects of furniture shopping, from delivery to assembly, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

Understanding Delivery Options and Charges

  • Check Delivery Terms: In Sweden, delivery terms can vary significantly from store to store. It’s important to check whether delivery charges are included in the price or if they are extra. Some stores offer free delivery over a certain purchase amount.
  • Scheduling Deliveries: Be aware of the delivery time frames and plan accordingly. Some stores offer the ability to schedule deliveries, which can be particularly helpful if you have a busy schedule.

Deciphering Return Policies

  • Familiarize with Return Policies: Return policies in Sweden can be quite generous, but they vary by store. Always familiarize yourself with these policies, especially when buying online where you haven’t seen the product in person.
  • Documentation and Packaging: Keep all receipts and maintain the product’s original packaging until you’re sure you want to keep the item. This is often a requirement for returns or exchanges.

Furniture Assembly Services: When Convenience is Key

  • DIY or Professional Assembly: Many furniture items in Sweden come flat-packed and require assembly. While DIY assembly can be a fun project, professional assembly services are available and can be a time-saver.
  • Inquiring About Assembly Services: Large stores like IKEA offer assembly services for an additional fee. For other stores, you might need to inquire directly or seek independent assembly service providers.

Payment Options and Financing

  • Diverse Payment Options: In Sweden, most furniture stores accept a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards and sometimes even international payment options.
  • Financing Plans: Some larger stores offer financing plans, allowing you to pay for your furniture in installments. This can be particularly helpful for larger purchases.

Navigating Language Barriers

  • Language Assistance: In major stores and online platforms, English language assistance is often available. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re struggling with language barriers.
  • Translation Tools: For smaller stores or online sites only available in Swedish, using translation tools like Google Translate can be helpful for basic navigation and understanding.

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