Leaving Sweden: A 2024 Checklist Of What To Do


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Leaving Sweden is an endeavor enveloped in a haze of melancholy, punctuated by the cold Nordic air you’ve come to love. Whether you’ve been here for a few months or a few years, the land of the midnight sun has left its mark on you. Packed boxes and farewell notes may surround you, yet the reality may not have sunk in: you are leaving a part of yourself behind.

The purpose of this article is not to deepen the sense of longing but to guide you through the tangible and intangible dimensions of leaving Sweden. From paperwork to heartfelt goodbyes, let’s delve into this delicate transition.


  • Leaving Sweden is an emotional journey laden with administrative, professional, and personal considerations.
  • Farewells are rich in rituals, from final meet-ups with friends to last visits to cherished places.
  • Packing and moving entail both practical challenges and emotional farewells to your Swedish life.
  • Keeping Sweden in your heart is possible through memories, media, and the continuation of traditions.

Emotional Landscape

It’s impossible to describe the blend of emotions that stir within you as you prepare to leave Sweden.

A tapestry of feelings—nostalgia, excitement, apprehension—creates a unique emotional landscape that only you can navigate. But the first step in this journey of parting is acknowledging that feeling a sense of loss is perfectly normal.

Navigating Farewells

One of the hardest parts of leaving any place is saying goodbye to the people who made it special. Friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even the local shopkeepers with whom you’ve shared countless “hejs” and “hejdås” become part of your daily life in Sweden.

Every farewell carries with it the weight of connection, some light as the smile exchanged with your barista during your morning Fika, others as significant as leaving behind lifelong friends.

You may find yourself revisiting places that have become meaningful—a final walk by the waterside, a last visit to your favorite park, or perhaps one final Fika in the café where your friendship blossomed. Each of these goodbyes is an homage to the memories you’ve created. Savor them, for they are your connection to this chapter of your life.

Emotional Preparedness

The emotional toll of leaving should not be underestimated. A certain degree of introspection may be required as you prepare yourself mentally for the move. You might want to keep a journal during this period, jotting down your thoughts and experiences as they unfold.

Though goodbyes are hard, remember that this departure also signifies the beginning of a new adventure. Your experiences in Sweden have equipped you with a richer understanding of life and of yourself, a trove of memories that you will carry forward.

Administrative Essentials When Leaving Sweden

Though these duties may seem trivial in comparison to the emotional aspects of leaving, they are crucial for ensuring a smooth transition. There’s no poetry in paperwork, yet even in these mundane tasks, there’s a certain finality that reinforces the weight of your decision to leave.

Notify Swedish AuthoritiesInform Skatteverket, the tax agency, of your departureKeep records of all communications
Close or Modify Bank AccountsConsult your bank for the best course of actionFactor in any remaining payments or incoming funds
Health Insurance and MedicalCancel or adjust your health coverageKeep copies of your medical records
Address ChangeUpdate your address in all personal and official docsConsider a mail-forwarding service for any residual mail
Terminate Utilities and HousingFinalize bills and contractsTake photos of the property for reference
School NotificationsInform educational institutions if applicableCollect transcripts and other educational records

Deregistering from the Swedish Population Register

You arrived as a number and will leave as one too. Deregistering from the Swedish Population Register is the first step in your journey away from Sweden. The state must know that you’re leaving so that you’re no longer on the tax roll, among other things.

This process is usually straightforward, often requiring a visit to your local Skatteverket office or the completion of an online form. Yet, as you press that “submit” button or walk out of that government building, the finality of your act will register on both bureaucratic papers and your own emotional scale.

Closing Bank Accounts

You’ll also need to visit your Swedish bank to close your accounts. It’s more than just a transaction; it’s saying goodbye to the financial tether that bound you to this place. As the account balance zeroes out, so does a chapter of your life. Make sure to settle any debts and pending transactions before you make this move.

Terminating Leases and Utilities

Another goodbye will be to your home and the comforts it provides—lights, heat, water, the basic elements that made your Swedish residence a sanctuary.

Terminating leases and closing utility accounts are tasks steeped in more than just contract law; they’re acts of closure. Whether you’re selling off furniture or ending your electricity subscription, each act comes with a sense of finality that’s hard to ignore.

Addressing Healthcare and Insurance Matters

Then come the intricacies of healthcare. It’s essential to check your medical records, prescriptions, and perhaps even bid farewell to the doctor who has seen you through seasons of the Swedish cold.

Health insurance needs to be sorted, both for the remainder of your time in Sweden and for your next destination.

Career and Professional Transition

As the horizon of your time in Sweden becomes clearer, your professional life takes its own bittersweet stage. The workplace has been more than just a venue for earning a livelihood; it’s been a community, a learning experience, and perhaps even a catalyst for personal growth.

Disengaging from your job or career in Sweden isn’t simply transactional—it’s a poignant milestone carrying its own weight of mixed emotions.

Handing in Notice at Work

The moment you give your notice is one imbued with a sense of gravity. A piece of paper or an email may carry the formalities, but your words, heavy with the essence of departure, will resonate in the room.

It’s not just about severing ties but about acknowledging the bonds you’ve forged, the skills you’ve acquired, and the professional persona you’ve built in this Nordic setting.

Your co-workers, your bosses, even your daily routines, all become imbued with a different light as your last day approaches. The workplace banter, the regular team meetings, the office politics you may not have always loved—each aspect takes on a nostalgic sheen.

Tax Implications and Final Paycheck

Among the less sentimental but crucial aspects of your career transition are the tax implications. Receiving your final paycheck will likely be tinged with melancholy, even if the satisfaction of obligations fulfilled accompanies it.

Sorting out your tax status is more than just an economic necessity; it serves as another mark of your transition, as stark and as final as a stamped form.

Consult your HR department or a tax advisor about the intricacies involved, such as how your income will be taxed after leaving Sweden, or what sort of paperwork you might need for future tax obligations in your next destination. These seemingly prosaic administrative details serve as the last rites of your professional life in Sweden.

Professional Network Upkeep

Your professional connections need not be severed even if you’re leaving the country. The bonds you’ve formed can extend beyond borders. Consider reaching out for recommendation letters, or perhaps a final Fika or after-work event to cement these relationships. LinkedIn endorsements and keeping in touch can help maintain this network, offering you a piece of your Swedish life wherever you go.

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Family Considerations

Leaving Sweden isn’t a solo act if you have a family. Your departure reverberates through the lives of your loved ones—partners, children, perhaps even pets.

Informing Children’s Schools

For parents, one of the most delicate steps is informing your children’s schools about the move. These are the places where your children have grown, learned, and formed friendships. Whether you’re picking up their last report card or attending a final parent-teacher meeting, each interaction is tinged with an undercurrent of farewell.

As you discuss the transition with educators, you’ll likely be engaging in more than mere logistics. There’s an emotional exchange—a gratitude for the care and education provided, mixed perhaps with the sadness of uprooting young lives.

Transferring Medical Records

Healthcare is another sphere that extends beyond mere logistics when you’re moving with a family. Transferring medical records for each family member is a responsibility that carries its own emotional charge. A sense of care and concern is tied to these papers, a medical history that was part of your life’s rhythm in Sweden. These files, clinical and dispassionate as they may appear, are another narrative of your family’s life here.

Pet Relocations

If pets are part of your family, their transition is another chapter in this story. The process of preparing for their move, whether it involves health checks, travel cages, or special shipping requirements, is fraught with its own anxieties.

Your pet may not understand the concept of leaving, but they will sense the atmosphere of change, the flurry of activity, and perhaps even the emotional undercurrents that fill your home.

Packing and Moving

The boxes scattered around your Swedish home serve as physical representations of the disarray that often accompanies farewells. Each filled carton and each sealed tape marks another step toward your departure.

But these boxes hold more than just belongings; they carry fragments of your life here, each item a tangible keepsake of intangible memories.

Deciding What to Take and What to Leave

You begin by sorting through your things, deciding what will accompany you and what gets left behind. Whether it’s a piece of Swedish design that brightened up your living room, or perhaps books filled with annotations penned on quiet Swedish evenings, each object poses its own question: Does this come with me? It’s not just about space or utility, but about which elements of your Swedish life you wish to carry forward.

Shipping or Selling

Once sorted, there comes the choice of shipping or selling. For items that don’t make the cut, a sale can feel like an emotional auction, each item’s price tag is a poor representation of its sentimental value. You might list them on online marketplaces or perhaps host a yard sale, but each sale is a tiny farewell, each transaction a severing of yet another tiny root that grounds you to Sweden.

Essential Documents and Keepsakes

While you’ll box up furniture and clothing, some things won’t fit into cartons. Essential documents—your passports, work permits, medical records—will go into a special folder or bag, carefully kept at arm’s reach. Equally important are the keepsakes that will travel outside of boxes: photographs, mementos, perhaps the Swedish flag or a Dala horse—small, yet significant tokens that connect you to this place.

The Actual Move

The day of the actual move is a crescendo of emotion and activity. As movers load your boxes, each lift and shift seems to resonate with the heaviness of the occasion. The emptiness that ensues in your once-familiar space speaks volumes. The walls, stripped of your photos, your touch, stand bare and echo back the sense of vacuity that may wash over you.

For a moment, stand there in that emptiness, amid the echoes of laughter, debates, dinners, and quiet mornings. These walls have framed your Swedish chapter, and as you prepare to close the door one last time, breathe in deeply. This physical emptiness is merely a canvas; the life you lived here is the art that will forever color your memories.

Farewell Rituals

leaving sweden

In the calendar of life events, farewells are an occasion often marked not by joy but by a profound sense of reflection. Your departure from Sweden will be etched into the almanac of your existence, not merely as a date but as a suite of experiences, each steeped in its own form of ritual.

Saying Goodbye to Friends and Acquaintances

Some farewells are verbal, expressed through the familiar confines of a final Fika or an emotional embrace. These are the friendships and acquaintances that punctuated your time in Sweden, whether it was the neighbor who taught you the nuances of Swedish weather, or the barista who knew your coffee order by heart. Each goodbye is a note in the farewell song that plays in the backdrop of your departure, echoing the connections that enriched your Swedish experience.

Last Visits to Favorite Spots

Then there are the non-verbal farewells, the symbolic ones. The last visit to the lake where you admired countless sunsets or the final walk through the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan, each step echoing with the weight of an impending departure. These are rituals in the most elemental sense, a way of paying homage to the spaces that provided you comfort, inspiration, or solitude.

Culinary Goodbyes

Don’t underestimate the emotional power of taste. Whether it’s a last bowl of Swedish meatballs or perhaps a final taste of surströmming for the brave-hearted, each bite can feel like a gastronomic adieu. Like a Proustian madeleine, the flavors of Sweden might long after evoke memories, each taste a portal back to this chapter of your life.

Farewell to the Swedish Landscape

Finally, if possible, allow yourself a moment to say goodbye to Sweden itself—the landscape, the skies, the waters. Whether it’s a moment by the shores of the archipelago, staring at the calming Baltic Sea, or perhaps a last glimpse of the Northern Lights dancing in their celestial beauty, these are farewells to the larger-than-life backdrops that set the stage for your Swedish journey.

On the Move

The day has arrived. The days, weeks, perhaps even months of preparation have culminated in this moment. You’re on the move. Whether you find yourself in the back of a taxi, the seat of a train, or the cabin of a plane, the atmosphere is tinged with a blend of palpable anticipation and reflective quietude.

The Last Glimpses

The journey away from your Swedish home is a sensory experience, laden with final glimpses and last touches. The sight of the buildings growing smaller, the familiar streets turning into a blur—these are the external changes that mirror the internal transitions taking place. Each kilometer covered is both a literal and metaphorical distancing, pulling you farther from a life chapter rich in texture and nuance.

The Emotional Journey

Within the confined space of your chosen mode of transport, time slows down, even if just for a little while. Your thoughts might flit between the life you’re leaving behind and the unknown that awaits. The questions begin to surface: Did you make the most of your time here? What will life be like without the comfort of familiar places and faces?

The Physicality of Leaving

While your mind may be awash in thoughts and memories, your body is acutely aware of the physical act of moving. The sensation of your luggage at your side, the feel of your ticket between your fingers, the sound of departure announcements echoing in your ears—these sensory details are the tactile anchors to the present moment, grounding you amid the swirling emotions of departure.

The Threshold

At some point, you will cross a threshold—the border between Sweden and another country, the entrance to an airport gate, or perhaps the exact moment your flight takes off. This is the point of no return, and its significance is heavy with both finality and potential. As you cross it, you’re not merely moving through space but also through a transformative boundary, exiting the world you knew and entering another that promises new experiences and challenges.

Keeping Sweden in Your Heart

As you settle into your new environment, you might find that leaving Sweden physically doesn’t necessarily mean it has vacated your heart. Its essence lingers, like the aftertaste of a rich Swedish coffee or the dying notes of a melancholic Swedish ballad, deeply ingrained in the chambers of your memories.

The Emotional Keepsakes

Every so often, a fragment of your Swedish life will resurface, unbidden. It might be the particular hue of the evening sky that reminds you of Midsommar nights, or perhaps the scent of cinnamon that takes you back to Swedish bakeries. These are not mere memories but emotional keepsakes, ephemeral yet enduring reminders of a life chapter that is now part of your fabric.

Revisiting Through Media and Literature

While you may no longer walk the streets of Gothenburg or glide on Stockholm’s icy canals, you can still keep Sweden close through its art, music, and literature. The works of Ingmar Bergman, the sounds of ABBA or Swedish House Mafia, or the written words of Stieg Larsson or Astrid Lindgren, can serve as conduits to the world you left behind. Each film viewed, song heard, or page turned is a reunion of sorts, a brief return to the emotional landscape you once inhabited.

Social Media and Virtual Connections

In an increasingly connected world, geography is less of a constraint. Social media platforms, video calls, or even blogs about life in Sweden allow you to maintain a digital connection to the life and people you left behind. A comment, a like, or a shared photo is a small yet potent link, a digital thread that binds you to a community and a culture you were part of.

Swedish Traditions and Celebrations

Another way to keep Sweden in your heart is by incorporating its traditions into your new life. Whether it’s celebrating Lucia in December or honoring the coziness of fika with new friends, these rituals become ways to pay homage to a part of you that remains Swedish, albeit in a different setting.


Sofia is our Relocation Expert, who brings first-hand experience in moving to Sweden from abroad. She moved to Sweden over a decade ago and navigated the complexities of relocation herself.

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