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Tobias Sjöström

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A successful business not only requires seamless administrative processes and a sound businesses but also secure financing. In Sweden, businesses have numerous options to get the financing they require. And, we, at SwedenExpat, believe in making the process simple, quick, and hassle-free.

The Best Way To Get A Business Loan In Sweden:

  1. Go to Lendo
  2. Select the desired amount (Välj lånesumma)
  3. Select the loan period. (Välj lånetid)
  4. Press “Påbörja ansökan” (start the application).

Reasons to choose Lendo:

  • Apply for a business loan in 2 minutes
  • The application is not binding.
  • Compare cost and terms
  • Sweden’s largest loan intermediary

Apply and compare loans for your business at Lendo today!

You can get a loan for business in Sweden to start a new business or get assistance with business financing. Even the government has certain policies that allow financial support to businesses. 

Getting a Business Loan in Sweden

Whether you want to start a new business or you already have a business and now you are looking for a commercial loan, you will be happy to learn that Sweden has one of the most business-friendly environments. You can get loans and financial assistance from different organizations. 

Bank Loans:

With over a hundred banks in the country, getting a bank loan to fund your business is not that difficult. The bigger banks, like Swedbank and Nordea, tend to favor more established businesses and offer them attractive interest rates. However, there are mid-sized as well as niche banks that prefer to work with smaller businesses and start-ups. 

At Loan Sweden, we have partnered with banks that offer attractive loans for business. You can get in touch with the banks to get more information about their terms and conditions and the documentation required to secure a loan for business in Sweden. 

State-funded Loans:

Agencies like ALMI and Vinnova have business funding programs that are backed by the government. These programs are primarily designed to help entrepreneurs and start-ups. You need to check with these organizations how to apply for a commercial loan or grant if you are looking to start a business. 

Some agencies, such as the Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, provide a whole variety of business loans for different areas of a business. Hence, it is best to check how the funding can be used and whether your business qualifies for the grant. 

Alternative Funding:

At Loan Sweden, we realize that smaller businesses may not be able to get commercial loans from banks and government agencies. For such businesses, we provide access to private lenders and lending organizations that work with small businesses. These lenders are flexible and offer a wide range of loan terms, attractive interest rates, and simple and quick documentation so that businesses can get the funding when they require it the most. 

Check Out the Lenders Today for a Business Loan

It is exciting to start a new venture but if you do not get access to the right funding and financing, your excitement may be short-lived. At Loan Sweden, we have collaborated with lenders to offer support to startups, get financing for businesses that are looking to expand, and get access to funding for capital expenditures. 

Connect with the lenders, lending institutions and loans in Sweden and get a customized commercial loan to suit the needs of your business. 

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