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In Sweden, students can get financial support for higher education. So, if you are planning to study here, it is advisable to understand the options that you have so that you can decide which one suits your needs the most. 

Financial Options for Students in Sweden

Students can get grants or student loans in Sweden. However, they need to fulfill certain criteria before they can get financial assistance. 

Students, who are residents of Sweden, can avail of financial support from the CSN. However, a student can also apply for a student loan. The loan has to be repaid to the lender but there is no obligation for the student to repay the financial aid provided by the government. 

Swedish Students

If someone is a Swedish citizen pursuing higher education in Sweden, they are eligible to get financial aid from the Swedish Board of Student Finance, also known as CSN. This aid is known as study allowance and is of three types:

  • Student grant
  • Supplementary allowance
  • Boarding supplement

Swedish students automatically qualify for the student grant but have to apply for the allowance and supplement. 

Swedish students can also apply for student loans if the need arises. A student loan can be applied through lenders, and at SwedenExpat, we have listed the lenders, who provide student loans. Usually, a Swedish student will apply for a student loan only if they are leaving the country to study overseas. However, if the student intends to study in one of the other Nordic countries, they can still get CSN.

Non-Swedish Students

When it comes to non-Swedish students, they do not automatically qualify for CSN. Instead, they have to apply for it to evaluate their eligibility. So, there is no guarantee of getting financial aid. That is where a student loan can help non-Swedish if they are residing in the country and want to pursue higher education. 

Foreign students coming to Swedish for higher education have to apply for student loans in their home countries. Without this loan, they will not be considered financially secure to study and live in the country, and that could result in the Swedish embassy denying the visa. 

Students living in Sweden can apply for CSN under the following circumstances:

  • Be a permanent resident of Sweden
  • Should have lived in the country for at least two years
  • Have a refugee status in the country
  • Should be a legal resident of Sweden
  • Should be living in the country with parents before reaching the 20th birthday
  • Should comply with all EU laws

For foreign students interested in pursuing higher education in Sweden while living and working here, it is best to check out the lenders listed here, at SwedenExpat. You can easily get in touch with the lenders to find out their terms and conditions so that you can find a lender, who offers you the most attractive terms and interest rates.

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