Interesting Things To Do in Sweden: Unlock the Best of Sweden



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From the bustling urban labyrinths of Stockholm to the untouched natural beauty of Swedish Lapland, there’s a realm of experiences waiting to be uncovered. And the best part? You don’t have to be a local to dive deep into the Swedish lifestyle.

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So, buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a whirlwind tour of fun-filled and enticing activities that make Sweden a dream come true for every wanderluster out there!


  • Discover the depth of Swedish natural wonders, from national parks to the archipelago.
  • Embark on a culinary journey that goes beyond meatballs and cinnamon buns.
  • Experience the buzz of Swedish city life, from Stockholm’s trendiness to Gothenburg’s laid-back vibe.
  • Explore the richness of Swedish history and culture through its museums and historical sites.
  • Dive into the world of Swedish design and fashion, where minimalism meets sustainability.
  • Satisfy your adventurous spirit with skiing, kayaking, or rock climbing.

Discover the Natural Wonders

Natural WonderLocationWhat to Do
Abisko ParkNorrbottenHiking, Northern Lights
Gotland IslandBaltic SeaBeaches, Medieval Architecture
KosterhavetWest CoastSnorkeling, Kayaking
ÅreJämtlandSkiing, Snowboarding
Dalsland LakesDalslandKayaking, Canoeing
ArchipelagoNationwideBoating, Swimming, Island Hopping

The Mystical Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland

Who wouldn’t want to tick seeing the Northern Lights off their bucket list? Venture far enough north and you’ll be rewarded with this natural light show that dances across the night sky. The darker the night, the more vivid the colors!

Swedish Lapland offers not just a chance to witness this miraculous spectacle but also introduces you to the traditional Sámi culture. Go dog sledding by day and night; let the celestial curtains of green, pink, and violet mesmerize you.

The Archipelagos: Nature’s Masterpiece

If you’re more of a sea lover, don’t miss out on the Swedish archipelagos. Whether you take a ferry from Stockholm or Gothenburg, the archipelagos are a sailor’s paradise. Think about island-hopping, relishing in smoked seafood, and kayaking through the placid waters. The tranquility here is so palpable; it’s as if even the seabirds are whispering.

Hiking Through National Parks

But wait, the natural wonders don’t stop there. For landlubbers and hiking enthusiasts, Sweden’s national parks are nothing short of breathtaking. Trek through the Kebnekaise Valley, feel the might of the King’s Trail (Kungsleden), or explore the mystical forests of Tyresta National Park. Each park is a world unto itself, brimming with unique flora and fauna and trails that range from beginner to challenging.

And let’s not forget the Midnight Sun. Imagine hiking under a sun that refuses to set, a sun that paints the sky in shades of gold and orange but never bids goodbye. Only in Sweden, folks, only in Sweden!

So, whether you’re up north gazing at the Northern Lights with a warm cup of lingonberry juice or down south navigating through the archipelagos, Sweden’s natural beauty is a constant thrill for the senses.

Embark on a Culinary Journey

The Quintessential Swedish Cuisine

If your taste buds are itching for a new adventure, look no further. Swedish cuisine is a smorgasbord of flavors that are sure to enthrall. You’ve probably heard of Swedish meatballs (thank you, IKEA), but trust me, tasting them in their homeland is an entirely different experience. Imagine soft, tender meatballs bathed in a creamy gravy, served with a side of lingonberries and a dollop of mashed potatoes. Comfort food, but make it Swedish!

And let’s not forget about the fish. Whether it’s gravlax, pickled herring, or the infamous surströmming, seafood in Sweden is a culinary journey you won’t want to miss. Delicately seasoned and often accompanied by dill and other fresh herbs, Swedish fish dishes are the ocean’s gift to your palate.

Coffee Culture: The Art of Fika

But what’s a good meal without a great cup of coffee? In Sweden, coffee is more than just a caffeinated beverage; it’s a lifestyle. Welcome to the world of Fika—Sweden’s beloved coffee break. Picture yourself in a cozy café, savoring a cup of strong Swedish coffee paired with a kanelbullar (cinnamon bun) or perhaps a slice of kladdkaka, a gooey chocolate cake.

Fika is not just about what’s on your plate; it’s about pausing, relaxing, and soaking in the moment. In Sweden, Fika is practically a sacred ritual, and once you experience it, you’ll understand why.

Stockholm: The Venice of the North

If you haven’t been to Stockholm, brace yourself for a city that’s a mix of modern sophistication and old-world charm. Built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, Stockholm is a stunning labyrinth of scenic waterways and quaint cobblestone streets.

In the Old Town, Gamla Stan, you can stroll through narrow alleys flanked by well-preserved medieval buildings. One moment you’re admiring the majestic Royal Palace and the next, you’re getting lost in a boutique store filled with local Swedish design.

But Stockholm isn’t just about the past. This city is also a hub for innovation, tech, and cutting-edge fashion. Dive into the creative aura of neighborhoods like Södermalm, where funky art galleries meet vintage shops and trendy cafés.

Ever heard of Swedish electronic music? How about visiting some of the clubs that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in music and tech? You can dance the night away or simply enjoy an inventive cocktail—Stockholm’s nightlife is nothing if not versatile!

Gothenburg: The City of Canals and Seafood

If you find yourself on the western coast, you won’t want to miss Gothenburg—a city known for its Dutch-style canals and world-class seafood. The Fish Market, or Feskekôrka, is a must-visit. Imagine a church, but instead of hymn books and pews, there’s an endless array of the freshest catch.

Grab a bowl of fish soup or indulge in a platter of oysters. If you’re lucky, you might even catch one of the many seafood festivals that fill the city with vibrant colors and heavenly smells.

Malmö: Where Old Meets New

Don’t underestimate Malmö, the little gem in the south. With its mix of contemporary architecture like the Turning Torso and classic Swedish buildings, Malmö is where the old meets the new.

Take a bike tour through the city’s picturesque squares or relax at Ribersborg Beach, a man-made beach that offers a quick respite from city life. And if you’re into food—oh, the food! From Michelin-starred restaurants to the diversity of the Möllevången Market, your culinary journey continues even here.

A Peek into History and Culture

Vikings: More than Just Horned Helmets

Ever wondered what it’s like to walk in the shoes—or, should I say, boots—of a Viking? Let your inner warrior come alive as you explore ancient runestones, longships, and artifacts that tell tales of these legendary seafarers. The Swedish History Museum in Stockholm offers an in-depth look into Viking culture, complete with treasures that even Odin would envy.

For a more hands-on experience, hop over to the island of Birka, often considered Sweden’s first city, where you can try your hand at ancient crafts and maybe even some axe-throwing!

Castles and Palaces: The Royal Treatment

But Sweden’s history isn’t all plundering and longboats; it’s also filled with the grandeur and elegance of castles and palaces. Who wouldn’t want to feel like royalty, even if just for a day?

Take a stroll through the opulent rooms of Drottningholm Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or explore the baroque beauty of Skokloster Castle. The intricate architecture and lavish gardens are sure to transport you to a time when kings and queens ruled the land.

A Year-Round Festive Spirit

Whether it’s the cheerful celebration of Midsummer, where you can dance around a maypole, or the atmospheric Lucia Day filled with candlelit processions and sweet saffron buns, Swedish holidays and festivals are a cultural spectacle. Don’t even get me started on the magical Christmas markets; think twinkling lights, mulled wine, and a generous sprinkle of holiday cheer!

The Indigenous Sámi Culture

Let’s not forget the indigenous Sámi people, who have been an integral part of Sweden’s cultural tapestry for centuries. Up in the northern parts of Sweden, you can immerse yourself in the Sámi way of life.

Try your hand at reindeer herding or taste the unique flavors of Sámi cuisine. It’s a profound and enriching experience that offers a different perspective on what it means to be Swedish.

Explore Swedish Design and Fashion

The Allure of Swedish Minimalism

Picture this: clean lines, functional designs, and a palette that evokes the tranquility of a Nordic landscape. Welcome to the world of Swedish design, where less is definitely more. The Swedes have mastered the art of minimalism, but don’t let the simplicity fool you—every piece is a statement in thoughtful design.

If you’re in Stockholm, a visit to the Design Museum is practically obligatory. Here, you’ll get to see iconic pieces that have shaped the world of design, not just in Sweden but globally.

Sustainability: Fashion with a Conscience

Sweden is leading the charge in sustainable fashion. Brands like Acne Studios, Filippa K, and, of course, the fast-fashion giant H&M are making strides in creating chic but sustainable options.

Imagine strutting your stuff in clothing that’s not just jaw-droppingly gorgeous but also kind to Mother Earth. It’s not just a trend; it’s a lifestyle shift, and it’s fabulous!

Home Décor: The Swedish Way

Oh, and let’s not breeze past the Swedish influence in home décor. Ever heard of a little store called IKEA? Of course, you have! If you haven’t spent a Saturday getting lost in an IKEA maze, do you even adult? But beyond IKEA, Swedish interior design is all about creating a space that’s as cozy as it is stylish.

From the charming simplicity of farmhouse chic to the modern allure of Scandinavian sleek, your home will never feel the same once you introduce it to Swedish design aesthetics.

Ingenuity and Craftsmanship: Small Brands with Big Impact

But let’s not forget the smaller brands and local artisans who make unique, handcrafted items. Whether it’s intricate glassware from Orrefors or timeless silver jewelry from Skultuna, the Swedish design scene is teeming with creativity and craftsmanship. These pieces make for meaningful souvenirs and gifts, imbued with the spirit and skill of Sweden.

Swedish design and fashion invite you to embrace minimalism without sacrificing flair, pursue sustainability while enjoying style, and incorporate the essence of Sweden into your own life.

Active Adventures

Skiing and Snowboarding: The Swedish Slopes Are Calling

Ready to hit the slopes? Grab those skis or snowboards because Sweden is a winter wonderland waiting to be explored. From the family-friendly runs in Åre to the challenging terrains of Sälen, each snowy peak promises an adrenaline rush that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. If you’re into off-piste skiing, you’ll be thrilled to know that Sweden offers some of the most untamed backcountry terrains in Europe.

Kayaking and Canoeing: Paddle Your Way Through Paradise

If you’re visiting during the warmer months, why not take to the water? Sweden’s lakes, rivers, and coastal areas are perfect for kayaking and canoeing. Glide across serene lakes in Dalsland or navigate through the Stockholm archipelago.

It’s not just about the paddling; it’s about soaking in the beauty of unspoiled nature at its finest. You can even opt for multi-day trips that include camping under the stars. Imagine that: paddling by day, stargazing by night!

Cycling: A Two-Wheeled Tour de Sweden

Let’s talk biking—Sweden is a cyclist’s dream come true! With well-marked bike paths and routes that take you through cities, along coastlines, and deep into forests, the adventures are as varied as they are exhilarating.

Take the Sydkustleden trail for a scenic coastal ride or pedal through Gotland Island, where you’ll encounter everything from ancient ruins to idyllic beaches. Whether you’re a hardcore mountain biker or someone who enjoys a leisurely ride, the possibilities are endless.

Rock Climbing: Ascend to New Heights

For the vertically inclined, Sweden offers an array of rock climbing experiences that are literally off the charts. Whether it’s indoor climbing in Stockholm or scaling the crags in Bohuslän, there’s something for climbers of all levels.

And talk about views! There’s nothing like the reward of a breathtaking panorama after a challenging climb. Harness, ropes, and a sense of adventure are all you need!

Family-Friendly Activities

Gröna Lund: An Amusement Park Like No Other

If you’ve got little ones in tow or are simply a kid at heart, a day at Gröna Lund is a must! Located in Stockholm, this historic amusement park is packed with over 30 attractions, ranging from adrenaline-pumping roller coasters to gentler rides for the younger crowd.

Don’t skip the classic wooden coaster, which has been thrilling visitors since the 1920s. And hey, you might even bump into some Swedish pop stars on stage; the park is also a popular concert venue!

Skansen: A Walk Through Swedish Life

Imagine stepping back in time and exploring how Swedes lived in the past. That’s what Skansen, the world’s first open-air museum, offers. Here, historical buildings from all over Sweden have been reconstructed in meticulous detail.

Children can experience traditional activities like butter-churning and candle-making. Oh, and did I mention there’s a zoo? Yep, it’s a double-whammy of cultural immersion and animal adventures!

Vasa Museum: A Shipwreck Story

Who’s up for some maritime mystery? The Vasa Museum in Stockholm is home to the world’s most well-preserved 17th-century ship. Think of it as a time capsule, but instead of small trinkets, it’s a full-blown warship! Kids will love exploring the intricacies of the ship and engaging in interactive exhibits that bring history to life. Pirate hats are optional but highly encouraged!

Icehotel: For a Chilling Experience

Let’s take family bonding to a sub-zero level at the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi! This unique hotel is carved from ice blocks each winter, and it’s as magical as it sounds. Sleeping in a room made entirely of ice? Check. Sitting on ice chairs at an ice bar? Double-check.

But don’t worry, you’ll be snug as a bug in a rug, thanks to the cozy sleeping bags provided. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that the whole family will remember forever.

Archipelago Tours: Islands for Everyone

Last but definitely not least, consider taking a boat tour around the Swedish archipelago. Whether you opt for a short excursion or a longer voyage, this is an experience that family members of all ages will enjoy.

Swim in secluded coves, hike through lush forests, or simply soak up the sun on the boat deck. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book but with a lot more sunscreen!

Getting Off the Beaten Path

The Magic of the Northern Lights: Lapland Awaits

We’ve all seen those jaw-dropping photos of the Northern Lights, but trust me, they’re nothing compared to witnessing this natural wonder in person. Head north to Swedish Lapland, where the sky dances in hues of green, pink, and purple.

But there’s more to Lapland than just the aurora borealis. It’s a region steeped in mystique, from its snowy landscapes to its indigenous Sámi culture. Go for a husky sledding adventure or try ice fishing in a frozen lake—the options are as endless as the winter nights!

Fika but Make It Hipster: Cozy Cafés in Malmö

We all know that Swedes love their fika, a coffee break that’s more of a cultural institution than a mere caffeine fix. But how about taking your fika to a new setting?

Malmö’s burgeoning café scene offers a trendy twist to this beloved tradition. Picture reclaimed wood tables, artisanal pastries, and of course, ethically sourced coffee that’ll make you swoon.

Gotland: An Island of Contrasts

Beaches and ancient history, anyone? Gotland is an island that offers a little bit of everything. You can spend your mornings discovering medieval ruins and your afternoons sunbathing on sandy beaches.

And don’t forget to visit Visby, often dubbed as the ‘Pearl of the Baltic’ for its well-preserved medieval architecture. Gotland is a unique blend of leisure and history, making it a fascinating detour from the mainland.

Hiking in the Wilderness: Kungsleden Trail

If you’re a hiking enthusiast looking to conquer new terrains, set your sights on the Kungsleden Trail. It’s Sweden’s longest hiking trail, stretching over 400 km through some of the country’s most pristine landscapes.

You’ll traverse through lush forests, open tundras, and even a glacier or two. Don’t forget your camera; you’ll want to capture every moment of this epic trek!

Into the Woods: Forest Bathing in Småland

Forest what? Yep, you heard that right. Forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku as it’s known in Japan, is all about immersing yourself in the forest atmosphere. And where better to try it than in Småland, often referred to as the ‘Kingdom of Crystal’ for its famous glassworks, but equally stunning for its dense, fairy-tale forests. It’s mindfulness meets Mother Nature, and it’s utterly rejuvenating.

Let’s face it, the beaten path is so last year. Whether you’re into nature, culture, or just something a little different, Sweden’s less-traveled roads promise adventures you didn’t even know were on your bucket list. Time to ditch the guidebook and let your wanderlust be your compass!


As our Lifestyle Coordinator, Erik is the go-to resource for all things related to living and thriving in Sweden. He was born and raised in Stockholm and knows the city like the back of his hand.

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