Buying and Renting a Summer House in Sweden 2024



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If you’ve ever experienced Swedish summers, you know they’re a vibe—long, languid days where the sun almost forgets to set, filled with the scent of blooming flowers and the sound of laughter echoing across the lake.

Now, what if I told you that you could take a slice of this heavenly season and call it your own? Yes, I’m talking about getting your hands on a Swedish summer house, or “stuga” as they charmingly call it here.

Let’s unravel the mystery together and dive deep into the world of Swedish stugas.


  • Sweden offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, making it an ideal location for a summer house.
  • Buying a summer house is a long-term commitment but offers more control while renting is flexible and commitment-free.
  • Different Swedish regions like the archipelagos, forests, and lake areas offer varied experiences.
  • The Swedish real estate market is accessible online, and understanding key Swedish terms can simplify the search.
  • Legal and financial preparations are crucial for buying, while renting typically involves contracts and potentially refundable security deposits.

Why Consider a Summer House in Sweden?

So, why would you want a summer house in Sweden, of all places? I mean, besides the obvious allure of meadows filled with wildflowers, the never-ending daylight, and those picture-perfect lakes that seem straight out of a fairy tale.

The Connection to Nature

First off, Sweden is basically a paradise for nature lovers. Whether you’re into hiking, kayaking, or simply sitting by the water’s edge with a good book, a summer house here provides the perfect backdrop.

Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds chirping, taking your morning coffee on a wooden deck overlooking a lake, and finishing the day with a sunset barbecue. Seriously, what’s not to love?

The Swedish Concept of “Lagom”

If you haven’t heard of “lagom,” let me introduce you to your new favorite word. It encapsulates a quintessentially Swedish life philosophy centered around balance, moderation, and contentment with what you have. Your summer house becomes the epitome of “lagom”—it’s neither too much nor too little, it’s just right.

Traditional Midsummer Celebrations

And let’s not forget about Midsummer, shall we? This is a celebration that every Swede waits for all year. Think flower crowns, delicious food, and dancing around a maypole.

Owning or renting a summer house means you can host your own Midsummer’s Eve bash or attend one in the local community. Trust me, doing the frog dance around a maypole is more fun than it sounds!

So there you have it. Whether it’s the tranquil nature, the “lagom” lifestyle, or the vibrant traditions, a summer house in Sweden offers an escape like no other. Now, the question remains: to buy or to rent? Let’s explore that next.

Buying vs. Renting: What’s Your Flavor?

Alright, so you’re sold on the dreamy Swedish summer vibe, and you can already picture yourself in a cozy cabin with a lake view. But now comes the big question: Do you go all in and buy or just dip your toes and rent? Let’s break it down, shall we?

Buying or RentingProsCons
BuyingLifetime investment, total control, can be rented outHigh upfront cost, maintenance, long-term commitment
RentingFlexibility, lower immediate costs, no maintenanceLess control, availability may vary, no long-term investment

Pros and Cons of Buying

Buying a summer house in Sweden is like investing in a lifetime of unbeatable summers. Once it’s yours, you can decorate it, invite friends over, and even pop by in winter if you’re a fan of the snowy wonderland vibe.

But hang on, there are a few things to consider:

Upfront Cost: Buying property isn’t cheap, and you’ll need to have your finances in order. But hey, who can put a price on endless summers?

Maintenance: Unlike renting, when the plumbing acts up, that’s all on you, buddy.

Commitment: You’ll want to come back year after year to make the most of your investment. But then again, why wouldn’t you?

Pros and Cons of Renting

On the flip side, renting is like dating—you get to try different locations, sizes, and styles until you find “the one.” And let’s be real, commitment isn’t for everyone.

Here’s what you need to know:

Flexibility: Want to spend this summer by a lake and the next one in a forest cabin? Renting lets you mix it up.

Lower Costs: No down payments or mortgages here; just a rental fee, and you’re set.

Zero Maintenance: Something broke? A quick call to your landlord, and it’s sorted.

Where to Look

Okay, so we’ve talked about why you’d want a summer house and weighed the pros and cons of buying vs. renting. Now comes the fun part—choosing where to nestle into your very own Swedish haven. And let me tell you, the options are as delicious as a Swedish smorgasbord. So, where should you start?

Archipelago Regions

If you’re a fan of sea breeze, salty air, and the gentle rocking of boats, the archipelago regions are where you’ll want to be. Think of places like Stockholm’s archipelago or the west coast near Gothenburg. Picture it: seafood feasts on your terrace and morning swims in the brisk sea. Ah, can you smell the freedom?

Forested Areas

Are you more of a “let’s get lost among the trees” kinda person? Sweden’s forested regions like Småland or Dalarna offer summer houses that can make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. Seriously, some of these cabins are straight out of a storybook, with wild blueberries growing right outside your doorstep.

Near Lakes and Rivers

Sweden has no shortage of lakes and rivers, and let’s be real, there’s nothing quite like having a body of water to call your own—or at least pretend to for a summer. Areas around Värmland or the lake district in Skåne are prime real estate for waterfront views and endless canoe trips.

Understanding the Real Estate Market

Alright, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty now. Understanding the Swedish real estate market might sound like a chore, but hey, it’s a chore that leads to endless summers in your dream locale. Plus, it’s not as daunting as it seems—I promise.

Websites and Agencies

First off, welcome to the digital age! You can do most of your hunting online. Websites like Hemnet or Booli are your go-to platforms for listings. And don’t worry, these sites often have English versions for those of us who haven’t quite mastered the Swedish tongue yet.

For those looking to rent, websites like Airbnb or Blocket are good starting points. Blocket is essentially Sweden’s Craigslist, where you can find everything from cars to, well, summer houses.

Terminologies to Know

Okay, a quick Swedish lesson for you. Knowing a few key terms can make your search a whole lot easier:

  • Stuga: That’s your summer house. Easy, right?
  • Tomt: This refers to the plot of land your potential stuga is sitting on.
  • Fritidshus: Another term for a holiday or summer house, usually a bit fancier.
  • Uthyres: Means “for rent.”
  • Till Salu: Means “for sale.”

So, if you see “Stuga till salu,” jump on it—that’s a summer house for sale!

The Buying Process

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy? Awesome choice! Owning a piece of Swedish paradise is exciting, but there are some steps you’ll need to follow to make that dream a reality. But don’t sweat it; I’ve got you covered.

Legal Requirements

First things first, you’ll want to make sure you’re eligible to buy property in Sweden. The good news is that Sweden is pretty open to foreigners owning property, so there are no restrictions on nationality. However, you’ll need:

  • A Swedish Personal Identity Number (Personnummer)
  • A Swedish bank account

You can get a Personal Identity Number by registering with the Swedish Tax Agency, and this number will be crucial for legal documents and contracts. A Swedish bank account will make the transaction process much smoother.

Financial Considerations

Before you start imagining the color of the curtains in your new stuga, you need to sort out your finances:

Budget: Know what you can afford, including additional costs like stamp duty, agent fees, and potential renovation costs.

Financing: If you can’t pay upfront, you’ll need to look into mortgage options. Some Swedish banks offer mortgages to foreigners, so it might be worth shopping around for the best rates.

Making an Offer and Closing the Deal

So you found your dream summer house, congrats! What’s next?

Inspection: Don’t skip this step. Swedish houses are generally well-maintained, but an inspection will help you avoid any nasty surprises.

Making an Offer: Once you’re sure, it’s time to make an offer. In Sweden, this is usually done verbally.

Contracts and Paperwork: When both parties agree on a price, a contract is drafted and signed. Payments are then made, usually in this order: a small deposit, a larger installment, and then the remaining balance.

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Renting a Summer House: How It Works

Okay, so maybe you’re not quite ready to put a ring on it and commit to a forever stuga. No worries! Renting is like the breezy, carefree summer fling of Swedish housing options, and let me tell you, it’s a fling worth having.

Booking Platforms

First off, where do you find these rentable slices of paradise? Websites like Airbnb and Blocket are good places to start. But don’t overlook local real estate agencies that specialize in vacation rentals. They often list gems that you won’t find anywhere else.

Contracts and What to Watch Out For

The Swedes are generally super organized and above board, so most likely, you’ll get a contract to sign, even if it’s just for a short rental period. Keep an eye out for these things:

Security Deposit: Many landlords will ask for a security deposit to cover any potential damages. Totally normal, just make sure it’s refundable.

Utilities: Are utilities like electricity, water, and internet included in the rent? You don’t want unexpected costs creeping up on you.

Cancellation Policy: Life happens. Make sure you know what the cancellation policy is in case you need to change your plans.

Amenities and Inclusions

Alright, let’s talk goodies. One of the best parts of renting is that many summer houses come fully furnished and may even include some fun extras like a canoe or bicycles. So check what’s included in your rental; you might just find that your summer retreat comes with more than just a view.

Renting is an awesome way to dip your toes into the Swedish summer lifestyle. It’s like a test drive, but instead of a car, you’re getting a cozy, nature-surrounded sanctuary that allows you to live out all your Swedish summer dreams, commitment-free. And who knows, you might just fall in love and decide to come back year after year. Either way, you’re in for a treat.


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